Do you have a television commercial, or YouTube video that you can never seem to stop thinking about? Do you have a jingle that seems to be stuck in your brain forever? Can you close your eyes and see something you just saw being re-played over and over?

If any of these things has ever happened to you, then you understand that repetition works! Think about the national retailers you know very well, and consider some of the household products that use everyday...can you remember how many times you were reminded about those products and services?

Companies have learned how to strengthen their brand by effective advertising placement and repetition of their message and they are betting that you remember their messages.

For a client that utilizes TV advertising, running multiple ads in single time slot usually produces the best results, but the same principles apply for corporate clients. If you are planning to populate a website or YouTube channel with video, the concept of repetition is relevant, and it should be incorporated into your business strategy.

Because much like an advertiser who wants to remind you of their product, or service, you have corporate branding and a core message that want to reinforce to your audience.

When placing videos on your website, consider making multiple videos and putting them on successive pages on your site. By making multiple videos, you are supporting the particular page with appropriate content, but more importantly your core corporate message is reinforced multiple times in each of the videos.

Especially as video becomes more accessible and portable, using repetition to strengthen your message is easier then ever to apply to your business. Multiple placements of your message where your customers can easily view them, is an effective strategy that business both large and small can utilize.

You may not have your audience humming along, but by using the technique of repetition, hopefully they will be paying attention!