A promotional video is the perfect way to advertise and build interest in your upcoming event. Company's who sponsor re-occurring events, especially can benefit from capturing footage of their current event to build excitement and interest for events they plan to sponsor in the future.

As a Production Company who supports many companies who sponsor live events, I know that the additional task of gathering footage during an event can be easily added on to the other duties we are performing for that event. Providing additional videotaping services can easily be added to the mix of jobs we are already doing.

Recently, we participated in an evening event celebrating the best of local businesses. In order to build excitement from participants, and to encourage sponsorship for next year's event, the sponsor of the event had our team videotape the activities that night, and interview guests and sponsors, so we could have sound bites from, so we could have the voices and pictures of real people tell their personal reasons for attending the event.

We edited the footage from the event and created a 2 minute piece that was uploaded to the clients website the very next 1 day after the event. While the "buzz" from the event was still fresh, they had an exciting video that they could share with their attendees, to capture the excitement that was still surrounding the event.

Making the time to capture highlights of your event is a valuable resource that you should consider when you undertake your event planning. Utilizing your existing resources to capture your event now will likely benefit you in the future. Especially when you consider how best market next year's event...with a little bit of planning now, you can easily have that covered.