Lately my clients and business owner friends, have been sharing their concerns about how their website ranks on Google, and on other search engines. These are good conversations to have, because changes in technology and changes in consumer's buying habits demand that businesses have a strong website presence.

I recently made a large purchase, and was reminded of the ways the sales process has changed, and also how it hasn't.

Like many consumers, my search started on-line, where narrowed down my product choices, and selected the companies I wanted to explore further. For my purchase, I decided to patronize a traditional retailer, where I met an informed salesperson who skillfully guided me through my purchase of my item.

Through this experience, I remembered a principle that I learned many years ago...which is just as appropriate today, as it ever was.

"People buy from people they like"

The challenge today in our increasingly complicated marketplace, is to deliver strong relationship based selling to customers, while still needing to compete in the electronic marketplace that has become such a strong force today's business world.

Your website which is often the first point of contact for many of your customers, needs to have content that reflects your businesses personality.

Video is a great tool to help you meet this objective. Show website viewers exactly who you are, with a personal welcoming introduction, show how your business is "wired" by introducing them to team members, or give viewers the opportunity to experience your business first-hand by introducing them to satisfied customers with positive stories to tell.

Your website needs to engage potential customers quickly and effectively, and video content on your site allows you to reach out to your audience in a unique and personalized way. Customers who are likely to buy your products & services, can start the important process of relationship building, early in their buying cycle. Then it's up to you, to truly build a relationship that lasts.

Because relationships are what selling has always been about!