Lets face it, businesses of all sizes sometimes need help making decisions, and sometimes answers can come from unexpected places.

When I meet with a client to discuss a project, a huge part of my time initially is taken up by learning more about their business:

By asking questions like "Who your target audience?", "Where do get most of your business?", or "Can you describe the goal of this project...in one short phrase?" I often discover something about their business that may have been hiding just below the surface.

This is why collaboration is important, and why it is helpful to seek partners who offer a fresh perspective.

When you are starting a project with someone from outside your company, make sure the partner you choose takes the time to question you about your company, so they can adequately understand your goals, and the goal of the project. That's what a good collaborator does!

Great teamwork begins by having 2 parties that are willing to share their expertise with each other, while being open and willing to accept to fresh ideas.

Taking the time to engage a true partner who is invested in your success, provides you a new perspective on what you do everyday.

My experience as a video producer suggests that when a client and I become true partners on a project, great results happen!