Lately I have been thinking about some amazing connections that have come as a result of some recent work.

Edify Multimedia Group recently has had the pleasure of supporting the efforts of some amazing Non-profits; The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, and the Manchester NH Boys & Girls Club. We produced videos that told both touching and heroic stories of people in the community that educated donors and sponsors about these great organizations.

Because of these videos, I was able to meet and interview and some amazing people, who have had some amazing life journeys. Helping to tell their stories, is very satisfying work, and I am honored to be the person who is responsible for getting it "right".

Telling these stories about these great people and great organizations reminds me that video is a powerful tool that allows stories to be shared, and lives to be changed. The process of making, showing, and sharing these stories, has forged connections in this community, but more importantly, video has allowed these stories to reach people who live and work, far away from here.

Making connections, and sharing stories, reminds me why I am drawn to video production as a profession. I have discovered that every business, and everybody has a unique story to tell, and I have learned that everyone's personal story has the potential to truly touch someone...somewhere. By harnessing video's unique power to connect people to each other around the world, stories are made stronger, and connections with people you can't even imagine suddenly become possible.

Here at Edify Multimedia Group, we are pleased to be in the position to tell these stories, pleased to strengthen individuals within our community, and pleased that we are entrusted to tell the stories of companies with great stories to tell, on a regular basis.

Through these stories, and through the reach of video, we know that connections are being made both within our community and elsewhere. Knowing that we have a role to play in that process...that part feels pretty good!