Reaching your customers through the internet should be an essential part of your marketing plan, and video has an important role to play in this online strategy.

Blog videos for many are the most effective and affordable way to develop an online video presence, and to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities on the web.

Blog videos are regularly uploaded video updates about your company, that provide an excellent opportunity increase your reach to your existing customer base, eager to receive updates about your business. They also provide exposure to your business, and improve your page placement in the major search engines because their content and "tagged" key words draw in web searchers to your postings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals recommend placing changing content on your website to increase your ranking. Google and other search engines are always out looking for the right combination of print and video content, key words and active links that rank your website in the top listings in any given search.

When your video is tagged properly with appropriate key words, and uploaded to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, they become part of the language of the Internet, with the possibility of being seem by many more people they you can reach with traditional advertising.

I can't guarantee that your chosen topic will go "Viral" but by placing links that return viewers to your site, you have the opportunity to attract viewers to your website, who and the opportunity to introduce your services to a whole new audience.

Posting video content extends your reach into the marketplace, giving you the opportunity to build your credibility in the online community, while strengthening your brand. As you become known an expert in your chosen field, activity on your website increases, and your business ranking on the web improves, because major search engines are always searching for relevant content.

Video Blogs an easy place to start, when you are looking to increase your use of video on your website. They are one important step you can easily take increase your company's visibility and improve your Search Engine ranking.