Search Engine Optimization...It's a game changer, and like most game changing ideas, it takes some getting used too. I understand the language of video production, and marketing & communications, but like many of you, I have come to rely on professionals who I trust to guide me through the new and ever changing environment of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Web rankings thrive on up-to-date content, and a substantial percentage of Google searches are for video. Try searching for something, anything, and chances are that on that first page, there will be a List of YouTube Video results. Having up-to-date video content on your website is a tool that you can easily incorporate into your existing website to increase your Search Engine Optimization.

Being found is becoming easier then ever before, but in this new environment, web content needs to shift to reflect this new paradigm. Smaller projects, each with a more focused message, targeted to a narrower audience will probably rule the day.

The days of fully imagined marketing campaigns aren't gone forever, brand recognition and consistent messages for companies of all sizes is still important, but for most companies, looking to increase SEO, posting videos more frequently will prove to be a better strategy.

With the right team of communications professionals in place, videos, effectively produced, and effectively integrated across many distribution channels on the web, provide an effective tool to grow your business.