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Include video on your website.

Here is our list of compelling reasons why video on your website should be an important part of your overall marketing and growth strategy:
* Video drives people to your site.
* Viewers stay longer on sites that have meaningful video content.
* Video enhances the user experience and...
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Choosing a video production company.

Picking a video production company can be a daunting task, it may seem like there is a lot on the line; money, time, deadlines, and concern about finding the right team that understands your needs. These days, the costs of video production are coming down, and it has become much easier to reach your audience on the Internet, through social media... Read More

Video increases online visibility.

Reaching your customers through the internet should be an essential part of your marketing plan, and video has an important role to play in this online strategy. Blog videos for many are the most effective and affordable way to develop an online video presence, and to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities on the web. Blog videos are regularly... Read more

Relationship selling matters.

Lately my clients and business owner friends, have been sharing their concerns about how their website ranks on Google, and on other search engines. These are good conversations to have, because changes in technology and in consumer's buying habits demand that businesses have a strong website presence... Read More