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Repetition in advertising works!

Do you have a television commercial , or YouTube video that you can never seem to stop thinking about? Do you have a jingle that seems to be stuck in your brain forever? Can you close your eyes and see something you just saw being re-played over and over? If any of these things has ever happened to you, then... Read More

Collaboration in video production.

Lets face it, businesses of all sizes sometimes need help making decisions, and sometimes answers can come from unexpected places. When I meet with a client to discuss a project, a huge part of my time initially is taken up by learning more about their business. I begin by asking questions like: "Who your target audience?" "Where do you get most... Read More

Video is a powerful storytelling tool.

Lately I have been thinking about some amazing connections that have come as a result of some recent work. Edify Multimedia Group recently has had the pleasure of supporting the efforts of some amazing Non-profits: The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, and the Manchester NH Boys & Girls Club. We produced videos that told both touching and... Read more

Promotional videos will strengthen your event.

A promotional video is the perfect way to advertise and build interest in your upcoming event. Company's who sponsor re-occurring events, especially can benefit from capturing footage of their current event to build excitement and interest for events they plan to sponsor in the future. As a owner of a Production Company who supports companies who organize live events, I... Read More

Choose between better, faster, and cheaper.

Better-Faster-Cheaper...Pick Two! It's an old joke in that is often told among my peers who work directly with customers. The thinking is that in the real world, something has to be sacrificed, in the process of getting your message out to your audience, and usually that means lowering the quality of the production, slowing the speed of delivery or raising the... Read More

Video helps with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization...it's a game changer, and like most game changing ideas, it takes some getting used to. I understand the language of video production, and marketing & communications, but like many of you, I have come to rely on professionals who I trust to guide me through the new and ever changing environment of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web... Read More